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Cultivating Martial Arts Awareness
Through Community Outreach and Involvement

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Dedicated to a Greater Enlightenment

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Our Mission: Is a service of ‘Giving Back” to provide the Martial Arts Science to our youth and adults in a community setting which will allow one the opportunity to study the disciplines, and values of the Martial Arts study of karate, self-defense and meditation, at no cost.  To provide special events surrounding the art’s culture that aide in bringing our youth and families back to community involvement.

Also, to welcome membership,  give recognition and to offer advancement to those who work in our Martial Arts field, Community projects that have the role of giving back to our youth positive support.

Classes and Demos
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Masters Belt
& Awards Ceremony

An Annual Tradition

Join us as we pay tribute, and honor the ones who have demonstrated polished, and perfected martial arts skills: who possess the dedication and character required to reach the Master’s Belt Level.

May 13-14 May 2022 /Hilton Garden Inn Akron

 1307 E. Market St., Akron, OH 44305


Room Rates $119 per night
Rates Available until 30 April 2022

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In the day that I cried out, You answered me,
and made me bold with strength in my soul.

Psalm 138:3
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The Benefits of Karate

Karate is not only fun, it provides many important benefits to young people. Some of these benefits are referred to in Japanese as chic (mental development), tokuiku (moral development) and taiiku (physical development). Theses are the same three classes of personal development found in traditional educational systems.

In terms of chiiku (mental development), karate helps build concentration, focus, clear thinking and decisiveness. Karate has strong internal benefits as well. It helps instill patience, discipline, perseverance, understanding and open-mindedness. It builds confidence, develops self control and increases calmness, courtesy and peace – all of which will aid everyone in every endeavor they undertake in life. Thses correspond to tokuiku (moral development).

Of course, karate is good for the body too (taiiku). Physically it is excellent for the heart, builds strong bones and bigger muscles , creates resilience, and makes the body less susceptible to sickness and injury.

In all these ways, karate is profoundly helpful to young people in dealing with the many challenges facing them in todays society. It brings them balance and perspective at an age when these are needed most. It adds a strong foundation to their character.

Join us for a class  held at Joy Park Community Center on Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays @ 6 PM. For more information call: M F 9 – 5 pm (text friendly) at (234) 738-0636

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SVP Senior Executive /Council Board Members

Dr. Lawrence M. Nixon, Ph.D./DSM
Soke 10th Dan

Shodan Cynthia Nixon

Hanshi David Fitzgerald, PHD/MA

Dr. John L Bennett, Jr.,  Grandmaster

Dr. John Rubiano, Soke

Soke Rick LeClair

Dr. Rodney Delaney

Grandmaster Keith Santagata

Soke Eugene R. Coutu, Grandmaster Ph.D

Hanshi Gary Di Padua Judan 10th Dan

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1782 Gaylord Dr, Akron OH 44320

Business Phone:
+234 817 7127

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